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February 24, 2015

The other night while I was meeting a potential client the groom asked if I had ever turned down a client. I quickly responded...”absolutely!” They both laughed at my very quick response and  wanted to know my reasoning. The truth is, I have turned down clients many of times. When I first started my company I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t take on any clients just to have clients. I wanted to invest my time and efforts into couples who respect me, challenge me and when all is said and done I could go grab a glass (or two) of wine with. The fact of the matter is, had I said YES to the 30+ inquiries I received last year, I would have never established the relationships and now friendships I have made with my clients. I LOVE the fact that I can pick-up the phone and text A+J to hangout on the weekends or that I snap-chat with C pictures of my daughters.  My couples have become a part of me. They meet my husband, my daughters, my sisters and even my parents. One wedding I am sure many of you remember is M+D’s Riverside Yacht Club wedding in Greenwich, CT. I am forever grateful to this couple as they have been my biggest supporters from the start. I have worked with so many of their friends and even co-workers since their wedding two years ago. Just recently I had the honor to plan C+P’s wedding here in New York City and M+D were in the bridal party… talk about having so much fun at a wedding?!

I sure lucked out in the client category and I want to thank my former and current clients for being such incredible and supportive  people!





Photo Credit: Christian Oth Studio 


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